Will customers see my name and email address that I use with PayPal?

On their transaction page, the customers will see your real name and email address (if you have a Personal or Premier Account) or your business name and email address (if you have a Business Account).

Sometimes, the email address associated with a business PayPal account is still a personal email address - and we advise you to create a dedicated, professional-looking email address. If you use G Suite as your email provider, you can create an email alias at no extra cost and you'll receive all emails in the same inbox (eg: all emails sent to your finance@domain.com will be sent directly to ceo@domain.com, as finance would be an alias for ceo).

After that, you can add finance@domain.com as an email address used with PayPal, verify it and make it a primary address. All your customers will see finance@domain.com as the contact email from now on.