PayPal's #1 seller best practice

Adding tracking info to PayPal helps build trust, improve cash-flow and reduce customer complaints. Launch our app on autopilot and let us do the tedious work of matching orders with transactions.

Keeping your PayPal account in good standing
improves your margin and cashflow

Lower rolling reserve rate

When a red flag is raised regarding your account, PayPal may apply a reserve on it. By adding tracking info, you can improve your account's track record - and have the reserve level lowered (or even completely removed).

Learn more about reserves at
  • Impact:
    in up to 6 months
PayPal's Seller Protection

PayPal's Seller Protection program minimizes claims and chargebacks and helps prevent fraud. Adding tracking info is one of the requirements and protects you from disputes like Unauthorized Transaction or Item Not Received.

Learn more about Seller Protection at
  • Impact:
Funds released in days, not of weeks

When there's a surge in sales or in disputes or chargebacks level, PayPal is holding your payments for up to 21 days in order to protect the buyers. By adding tracking info, you can access your funds right after delivery with supported carriers.

Learn more about payment holds at
  • Impact:
    in up to 3 months
Less chargebacks, disputes & refunds

Customers often request refunds, file disputes or even chargebacks. By providing your customers valid tracking information through PayPal, they can keep tabs on their purchases and know when to expect delivery.

Learn more about dispute resolution at
  • Impact:

Activating tracking info submission to PayPal
on autopilot in 3 easy steps

Account Setup

Install the app and connect your PayPal account.

  • How can I connect the app to my PayPal account?

    You should follow these instructions:

    This is a brief video tutorial we've prepared to guide you in the process:

  • Is it safe to connect the PayPal account to the app?

    The app only needs basic access. When you configure your PayPal connection, you only assign us the permission to search for transactions - we'll not be able to access funds, cards, issue payments or anything like that.

  • Can I use this app with a personal or Premier Account?

    You'll need a business PayPal account to use our service. The reason is simple: only Business accounts can use the API to connect to an app. Even more, Shopify actually requires using a business PayPal account.

  • I've just connected ny PayPal account to the app. What happens next?

    The only thing you need to do is make sure there are sufficient credits on your account. Once orders are marked as fulfilled in Shopify and tracking information is added there, we are automatically notified and can submit tracking to PayPal.

Automatic Notification

Every time you update an order or mark it as fulfilled, your store notifies us instantly. Even if you don't do it manually but use an app to auto-fulfill orders, including Oberlo Dropified MassFulfill CustomCat Printfull Teespring or any others.

24h Submission

Tracking information is submitted to PayPal as long as you have enough credits on your balance, with no extra interaction required on your side.

  • How long does it take to have tracking info submitted?

    Normally it doesn't take more than 1 hour after the order is fulfilled. When you run a backlog cleanup, it may take more.

  • How much does the service cost?

    The pricing starts from $0.13 / order for which we submit tracking info, check our Pricing Section for more details.

  • How can I verify if tracking info was submitted?

    Inside the app you will have real-time access to data, we are fully transparent in disclosing how many orders are on our to-do list and how many have tracking info submitted. We have also created reports that you can use to check everything more easily.

  • Can tracking info be submitted for previously fulfilled orders?

    Yes, we can help with that also, it's important to improve your PayPal account's track record. Request a backlog cleanup and choose a date range between which we should look for orders. You'll see a real-time estimate of how many orders were fulfilled in that timeframe, for which tracking info may have not been added - and you can purchase credits to get the job done.

  • Should I send the tracking info by email as well?

    Every time you add tracking info to PayPal, an email notification is generated and sent to your customer. Unfortunately merchants cannot edit the contents of this message to add more information, so the best practice is to also notify your customers directly as soon as the orders have been shipped.

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Cleaning up your backlog

We can also submit tracking information for orders already fulfilled, to improve your PayPal account's track record. This feature is usually requested by all dropshipping merchants, whose PayPal accounts have rolling or fixed reserves applied.

Associating valid carriers

Sometimes the name of the carrier isn't added to the order page. Especially for dropshipped orders. PayPal requires a valid carrier so we have built an app that assigns one based on the tracking number format, tracking URL or other factors.

  • I want to mark China Post packages as being sent with DHL. Is this ok?

    In our opinion it's not ok. You should always be transparent with both customers and PayPal representatives, as you risk losing disputes by not submitting accurate information. However, if you put "DHL" in Shopify, there's nothing we can do but submit the same carrier to PayPal. Just like your VA or assistant would.

Supported Carriers

Simple pricing, to accommodate every need


  • Starting at


    per order

    No setup, monthly, or hidden fees

    Pay only for what you use

    50 free credits every 30 days

For each credit you purchase we submit tracking info to PayPal for one order.

Credits purchased Bonus Average Price
Up to 499 credits -- $0.170
Between 500 and 999 credits 10% $0.154
Between 1,000 and 9,999 credits 20% $0.142
More than 10,000 credits 30% $0.131
  • What are credits?

    For every credit we submit tracking information to PayPal for one order. Every month all merchants get 50 credits that are added for free to their account. If you have more orders, you'll need to purchase credits - and when you buy them in bulk there are bonuses of up to 30%.

  • How can I purchase credits?

    You can purchase credits within the app, you'll decide on the amount of credits you want to buy. If you're on Shopify, you will be redirected to Shopify to confirm the charge - and it will appear transparently on your Shopify invoice. We usually recommend setting up monthly billing, to avoid service interruptions due to lack of credits.

  • How does monthly billing work?

    Unlike regular subscriptions, by approving a monthly budget you will only be charged for orders consumed. So if you approve a monthly budget of $100 but we only submit tracking info for 100 orders (100 * $0.17 = $17), you will only be charged $17 not the full amount you have budgeted. You can always increase or decrease the budget you have available for submitting tracking info.

  • What happens if I run out of credits?

    We will stop submitting tracking data until you purchase more credits, set up monthly billing or increase your cap so we can resume submission. Don't worry, we will notify you as soon as you run out of credits, in order to avoid service interruptions.

  • Am I charged for orders for which I've already submitted tracking info?

    When we see that tracking info was already submitted for an order, we'll mark in our system that you have already done it. We will never charge you for your own work, of course.

  • When am I being charged?

    When you purchase credits you are charged immediately, so make sure you have enough funds available on your Shopify-connected credit card. When you set up monthly billing, we are sending a charge to Shopify every few days, however you will be billed on your regular Shopify invoicing date. In both cases, the charges appear transparently on your Shopify invoice.

A must-have for dropshippers

Dropshipping is regarded by all payment processors as a high risk business model, so chances to have a reserve applied to your account are higher.

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